Family 12

Child A 

Gender female

Age 6

Clothes size she weighs like 60 lbs so size small or medium?

Pants size 8

Shirts size 10/12

Shoe size size 2 girls not toddler 

Special interests or needs: "examples:"

Books, painting supplies puzzles she has an 18 inch doll (my life from walmart shes obsessed with), she has been wanting a jewelry box, twin bedding, she has a hampster shes been needing a new cage and stuff for or any supplies for her



Child B 

Gender male

Age 5

Clothes size small?

Pants size 5t 

Shirts size 6/6x

Shoe size size 12 or 13

Special interests or needs "examples:"

We are pretty sure he has slight autism so he's kinda hard to shop for but Books that a 5 year old would be into, anything mario related, hot wheel tracks, board games, and him and his older sister love painting together so they go through alot of paint, twin bedding, puzzles