Family 13


Child A: - 8 years old Girl COVERED 

Cloth Size 10/12- girls — shoes 3 girls 

Water color paints and canvas

Colored pencil and sketchbook


Child B: - 1 year old Girl COVERED

Clothes size 12/18 months - girl - shoe size 3 toddler

Sippy cup, bowls, silverware (baby) 


Child C:- 15 year old Girl COVERED

Clothing size -women’s mediums (likes leggings) — shoes- 7 women 

Full size beddings - would like teal or purple 

Sketch pencils and sketchbooks 


Child D: - 10 year old Boy COVERED

Clothing size 12/14 boys —-shoes 6 boys 

Gaming desk 

PlayStation controller 


Child E: 12 year old Boy COVERED

16/18 shirts and 14 slims pants —shoes 9.5 men’s 

Xbox live card 

Desk to game on (would do a combined with child D)