Family 19

Child A:
Gender: Female

Age : 17 months

Clothes size : 18/24 month

Pants size: 18/24 month

Shirts size: 18/ 24 month

Shoe size : 5

Special interests: Developmental Toys, Toys with Bright Lights, Anything Minnie Mouse, Disney Movies

Needs: Bath Toys, Outdoor Toys(age Appropriate), Toy Activity Table, More Pajamas in her size(24 month), Plastic Big Building Blocks



3xl Shirts

3xl Pants

3xl Hoodies

Fuzzy Socks (Adult Size)

Amazon, Target, Walmart Gift Card

Gas Cards(Caseys, Kum n Go, Git n Go)

Grocery Gift Cards

Interests: Family Activities such as board games, Disney Movies, and Cooking/ Baking



2xl Shirts

2-3xl Pants

2-3xl Hoodies

Warm Long Socks

Crazy But Loves putting together Legos and Model Cars

Amazon, Target, Walmart Gift Card

Interests: Star Wars, Transformers, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbits, Fishing