Family 9


Gender: female

Age: 5

Clothes size: small or size 6 girls

Pants size: small or size 6

Shirts size: small or size 6

Shoe size: 10 toddler

Special interests or needs: loves doing crafts, anything unicorn, loves L.O.L. dolls or other surprise/blind bag toys, wants a bike or scooter, loves roblox, easy boardgames, favorite color is pink, reads pretty much any book.


Child B:

Gender: female

Age: will be 9 months by christmas

Clothes size: 9 months

Pants size: 9 months

Shirts size: 9 months

Shoe size: newborn? She isn't wearing shoes yet

Special interests or needs: baby toys, anything interactive with lights and music, or things that make her use her hands and mind. Needs winter clothes. High chair. Diapers/wipes are always appreciated. Car seat to transition into from her infant one.