Family 10

Child A - Girl - Age 8: This Child is covered

Size 10 clothes

Size 5 shoes

Likes crafts unicorns Needs snow pants snow gloves

Likes girly things!



Child B - Boy - Age 5: This Child is covered

Size 6 clothes

Size 12 shoes

Needs snow boots snow pants. Loves to be outside legos builds things often and Pokemon

Child C - Boy - Age 4: This Child is covered

Size 5 clothes

Size 11 shoes

Needs snow pants

has ADHD loves using dry erase markers on his boards. Anything that builds spins turns and Pokemon.

Jordan had a tablet, that had is daily schedule on it and it was stolen. So I’m tempting to save up again and get him another one. It helps him transition from day to day activities daycare school. Things like bath time bed time. If you know of a place i can get a cheap one that would be awesome.

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