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Family 10


Child  10A:

8 year old girl

Wears size 2 big girls shoe, size 10/12 kids shirts, size 10 kids pants, size 10/12 kids leggings (has sensory issues, so prefers leggings)   

Wish List: 

- Warm dresses and regular dresses

- Dress boots

- Barbie toys

-  My life doll clothes

- Books about cats

- Snow boots

- Leggings with no tags    

- Interested in cats and sign language

Child  10B:

7 year old boy

Wears size 1 big boys shoe, size 8 kids shirts, size 8 kids pants and slim jeans

Wish List: 

- Marvel toys

- Cars

- Board games

- Long sleeve shirts

- Anything with cars and dinosaurs on it    

- Books about space    

- Anything to do with Space

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