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Family 12


Child  12A:

15 year old Boy

Wears size men's 7 shoes, men's size 28 pants, and men's Medium shirts.

Wish List: 

- Cowboy boots, black

- Shoes

- Flannel shirts

- T-shirts and hoodies

- Gift cards 

- Jeans/pants

- Favorite color is green, likes black and purple school colors - Likes Batman comics

- Loves football, favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs #15

- Enjoys drawing; would like drawing supplies

Child  12B:

12 year old girl

Wears size women's 7 shoes, size 14 junior pants, and size junior 14 or Small shirts.

Wish List:

- Shopkins

- Doll food

- Nintendo switch girls games    

- Jeans/pants

- T-shirts and hoodies

- Nightgowns/pajamas

- Boots and shoes 

- Loves anything purple.

- Likes cheerleading     

- Would read anything about mermaids and unicorns    

- Enjoys dancing, video games, and doll toys

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