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Family 15


Child  15A:

7year old boy

Wears size 2 big kid shoes, size 8 shirts and pants

Wish List: 

Pokémon cards

- Xbox 360 games.

- Sonic the hedgehog toys.

- Socks 

- Will wear anything, not picky 

- Pete the cat books

- Likes collecting Pokémon

Child  15B:

5 year old girl

Wears size 10 little kids shoes and size 6 shirts and pants

Wish List:

- Anything Princess or Frozen (Her favorite is Elsa)

- STEM toys

- Socks

- Anything pink

- Pete the cat, Dr. Seuss  books

- Likes dancing, singing, and Elsa from frozen

Child  15C:

3 year old girl

Wears size 9 little kids shoe and 3t clothes

Wish List:

- Coloring supplies

- Huggy Wuggy

- Socks/underwear

- Pre-K books

- Favorite color is purple 

- Dr. Seuss, Pete the cat, and dinosaur books

- Likes singing, Tik Tok, and shoes 

Child  15D:

2 year old boy

Wears size 6 toddler shoe and 2t clothes

Wish List:

Popeye doll

- Cars

- toy tools

- Ryan's world

- Socks

- sweatshirts

- loves color red 

- One word books

- Likes dancing to Elvis 

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