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Family 16

Child  16A:

7 year old girl

Wears size 1 kids shoes, size kids Medium or 8/10 clothing,     

Wish List:

- Barbies

- Unicorn toys

- Art supplies

- Pretty dresses

- New comforter/sheet set (princess theme for twin bed)

- Clothing for winter/spring

- New boots. Sizes: Medium or 8/10 clothing, Shoe size 1
- Interested in cooking, coloring/painting, being creative, anything girly (princess, pink, purple, etc.)

Child  16B:

5 year old Boy

Wears size little kid 13 shoes, size kids 6/7 clothing  

Wish List:

- Superhero toys/room decor

- Superhero costumes for dress up

- Superhero theme comforter/sheet set for twin bed

- Winter and spring clothing.

- Interests: superheroes, transformers, construction equipment/trucks

Child  16C:

5 year old Boy

Wears size 1 kids shoe, size 5 kids pants, size 5 kids shirts.    

Wish List:

- Coloring books and colors    

- Any clothes and Socks

- Dr. Seuss books

- Likes coloring, animals, and video games

Child  16D:

4 year old boy (non-verbal)

Wears size 10 little kids shoes, size kids 5/6 clothing    

Wish List: 

- Any educational toys to enhance speech

- Clothing for winter/spring

- Comforter/sheet set for twin bed superhero theme

- New tennis shoes

- Interests: Spiderman, football, baseball, cars

Child  16D:

3 month old boy

Wears size 6 months clothes, size 2 diapers    

Wish List: 

- Learning toys

- Play mat

- Board books

- Baby clothing size 6 months and up, diapers size 2.

- Anything baby appropriate that is superhero, trucks, dinosaurs, etc. themed

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