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Child 20A
16 year old boy
Wears size 12 men's shoes, size Large shirts, and size Large pants.
Wish List:
- Vikings gear
- Technic Legos
- Gas cards
- Xbox gift card
- Amazon gift card
- Shoes
- Anything sports related
- Car books
- Collects Hot Wheels; very into cars

Child 20B
10 year old boy
Wears Kids size 4-5 shoes, Kids 10 or Youth Large shirt, Kids 10 or Youth Large pants
Wish List: 
- Legos
- Art supplies
- board games
- Nintendo switch games/gift cards 
- Shoes
- pants (anything but jeans)
- long sleeved shirts

- Chapter books, comic books
- Likes Coding, art projects, and spider man


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