Family 3

Child A-16 year old girl

Sizes- medium womens tops and bottoms 

Shoes- size 7 womens 

Wants- sketchbook, canvas, small photo printer 

Needs- will be getting a car soon (so items to accessorize a car), gift cards for gas station, gift cards for fast food 


ChildB-- 14 year old male 

Sizes- small mens tops, size 18 boys- hoddies 

Pants- size 16 joggers 

Shoes- size 11.5 

Wants- apple gift cards, skateboard 

Needs- bike 


Child C-- 11 year old male 

Sizes- large boys tops,

Pants- 14 joggers/sweatpants

Shoes- size 7 

Wants- soccer ball, skateboard, google gift card 

Needs- bike 


Child D- 9 year old girl 

Sizes- 10/12 girls tops and bottoms

Shoes- size 4 

Wants- suadi squishmellows, Harry porter anything, fidget toys, 

Needs- bike 


Child E- 2 year old girl

Size- 2-3t 

shoes - size 5

Wants- baby doll stuff, socks with grips on the bottom, long sleeve shirts or lite sweaters, yoga style pants, outside play toys 

Needs- toddler bath tub, toy box 


Child F- 12 year old girl

Size- large womens pull over sweaters and sweat pants 

shoes - size 9.5 womens 

Wants- a small computer desk with chair and roblox gift cards 

Needs- zenni eye glass gift card to get new glasses