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Family 3


Child  3A:

6 year old girl

Wears size 11 kids shoe and medium or 7/8 girls clothes

Favorite color is pink and loves unicorns

Wish List: 

- Little live pets mamma surprise    

- More warm clothes, like fleece lined leggings    

- Anything with unicorns on it - pink preferred

- Beginning reader books

- Loves unicorns, Gabbie's Doll House, My Little Pony, Art/drawing, and gaming - like Roblox

Child  3B:

1.75 year old girl

Wears size 2t clothes (or 24mo girls) and size 5 little kids shoe    

Wish List:

- Little Tikes first slide    

- Hats and Mittens for winter - toddler size

- Easy to read books for babies/toddlers    

- Loves Cocomelon, Bluey, Peppa Pig, and animals.

- Anything she can stack up and knock over, or that she can put back together

- Educational toys and bath toys

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