Family 3

Child A - Age 11 year old Boy

 Size 14-16 boys

Shoes 4 boys

Likes hoverboard, Legos (likes Minecraft), roller skates (size 4 boys shoe), gift cards

Child B - Age 6  year old Girl

Size 6 or 6-7 girls

Shoes 12 toddler girls

Likes my life/American girl doll clothes and accessories (not the doll), dress up stuff

Child C - Age 4  year old Boy

Size 4T boys

Shoes ?

Likes electric train set, hot wheels tracks, hot wheels, remote control trucks/cars, digger trucks for dirt and mud(like tonka), playdoh

Child D - Age 3  year old Boy

Size 3T boys

Shoes ?

Likes playdoh, hot wheels, little people toys, remote control cars/trucks and digger trucks for dirt and mud (like tonka)

Child E - Age 2  year old Girl

Size 18 months girl clothes

Shoes ?

Likes baby dolls, blocks, hair accessories, baby doll stroller, dress up stuff