Family 4

Child A: Girl
Age: 13
Shirt Size: Women's Small
Pants Size: Women's Small
Special interests or needs:  
short black or white socks
has asked for cake mixes so baking stuff, she loves Bath and Body Works,  lightly scented candles. Stuff like scents melts and scent melter
black leggins or sweat pants.
LED lights to hang around their rooms. 

Silly String   
Hollister and Visa gift cards

Child B: Boy

Shirt Size: youth large
Pants Size: youth large
Special interests or needs:
Big Chiefs fan.  Loves those silky under armour clothes.
He would like football cards
Domino's Pizza.  He is into dirt bikes and is needing a helmet and goggles.
His list of gift cards include Scheels, Slidewayz, MB2 Raceway, Amazon, Visa and under armour
LED lights to hang around their rooms.
Silly String