And here we go beginning the

 Norwalk Santa Big Smiles on Little Faces Season.

Starting off with 5 Prepared Thanksgiving turkey dinners to be delivered the day before Thanksgiving Norwalk Area only and new families will be given first priority. Can be Heat & Served.

We are asking for Fareway gift cards to help purchase. Can be delivered to Norwalk Santa at Gregg Young Chevrolet  


 Family adoptions:

We will be capping Christmas adoptions at 24 families unless the families wanting to adopt are keeping up with families needing to be adopted. 

Family numbers with child letters will be posted on

We will be adopting families from the Warren county only and new families will be given first priority.

Gifts can be dropped off at Gregg Young Chevrolet Showroom. Please separate each child’s gifts and label family number and child letter.

This year will have some challenges due to shortages on the shelves. Hopefully we can get our list of families together quickly so people can get out early to shop. 

Deadline for families needing help will be October 29

Deadline for dropping off gifts at Gregg Young will be December 15


Wrapping Party: 

We will be wrapping big boxes that unwrapped gifts for each childs gifts will be going in. 

We'll have the wrapping party and all the supplies at Gregg Young Chevrolet Norwalk at a date to be announced.