Family 20

Child A - Girl - Age 16:

Size medium in Juniors 

Size 4 long in jeans 

Size 11 in women’s shoes 

Loves makeup, does drive herself to school so a Casey’s gift card) , bath and body works. 


Child B - Girl - Age 15:

Size small in Juniors 

Size 4 regular in jeans 

Size 8.5 in shoes 

Loves painting pictures, reading, makeup, and pickles. Always wanted a pair of pickle pajamas

Child C -Boy Age 13:

Size medium in men’s shirts 

Size 34x30 in jeans 

Size 10 men’s shoes 

Loves football, roblox, movies, and books about animals. 

Mom: Fareway or Casey’s gift card to help with food or gas. Slippers size 9. Cold floor at home.


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