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Family 13


Child  13A:

9 year old girl

Wears size 4 big kid shoes and size medium or 7/8 shirts and pants.    

Wish List: 

- Harry Potter Book Series

- Socks

- Tennis shoes

- Sweatshirts

- Loves to read, really into Harry Potter and fairy tale books 

 - Enjoys crafts, sewing, singing, cooking, drawing, and learning about history.

Child  13B:

4 year old girl

Wears size 9 little kids shoes, extra small kids or 4/5 shirts and pants. 

Wish List: 

- American Girl baby doll (the baby not big kid)

 - Play dough

- Sleeping bag

- Jar of pickles (kosher dill pickles)

Shoes and socks

- Winter hats and gloves

- Dresses and tights

- Likes Unicorn and princess books

- Enjoys playing dress up, make-up, creating potions (science), drawing, playing pretend, and superheroes.

Child  13C:

1 year old boy (will be 2 on Christmas)

Wears size 7 little kids shoes and 2T clothing. 

Wish List: 

- Loves horses, trucks, hot air balloons, and trains.

- Winter clothes: pants, long shirts, boots, etc. (Will wear anything, not picky)

- Board books of Horses, or Trucks or Balloons.    

- Toddler toys of Horses, Trucks, Balloons.

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