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Family 9


Child  9A:

19 month old boy

Wish List: 

- Blocks (Legos, or anything that stacks)

- Anything educational (books, puzzles, etc.)

*Mother is home with the kids & looking for things to help my son grow developmentally.
- Winter boots (size 4 or 5)
- Winter coat (size 18-24 months)
- A wagon for outside walks
- A puppy lovie (half dog, half blanket)
- Bubbles (loves bubbles)
- Bathtub toys
- Anything an 18-19 month old little boy would like.

- Little Kids hat and gloves/mittens for the winter

Child  9B:

4 month old boy


Wish List: 

- Toys for tummy time (no mat, please.) *A mirror, anything that crinkles/rattles, etc.
- 3-6 month long sleeve onsies
- Anything a little 4-5 month old boy would like.

- Loves Music.

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