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Family 7


Child  7A:

16 year old boy

Wears 10 and 1/2 men's shoes, men's size Small shirts, men's size Medium hoodies, and men's size Small pants (or size 28 men's pant)

Wish List: 

- Nike sweat-suits

- Nike shoes    

- Sweat pants

- Hoodies

- 48 laws of power    

- Interested in starting a clothing line

Child  7B:

14 year old girl

Wears women's size 8 shoes, women's size Small shirts, women's size Small pants (or size 1 women's pant)   

Wish List: 

- Lululemon : Align tank

- Sweat pants    

- Hoodies    

- Kathleen Glasgow books    

- Gold jewelry

Child  7C:

4 year old girl

Wears size 11/12 toddler shoes, size 6 toddler shirts, and size 6 toddler pants.    

Wish List: 

- Arts and crafts projects and supplies

- Clothes and shoes 

- Any age appropriate books for preschool / kindergarten age

- Play Make-up

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