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Family 17


Child  17A:

17 year old boy

Wears size 11 men's shoe, size XL men’s Shirts, size XL men's Pants.

Wish List: 

- Shoes

- Clothing in general; boxers and midcalf socks

- PlayStation Gift Card

- PS5 related.

- Cozy and soft hooded sweatshirts

- T-shirts

- Workout type pants

- Ballcaps.    

- Loves baseball

- Enoys going to movies, and gaming with his friends.

Child  17B:

11 year old Girl

Wears size 7 adult women’s shoes, women's Small shirts, women's size 2 pants.

Wish List:

-Beauty/Makeup Gift Sets

- Bath Gift Sets

- Press-on nails

- Cell phone (can be used or cheap)

- Tablet

- Fun and spunky clothes; underwear

- Shoes

- Spa/Nail gift card

- Anything to make her feel special/beautiful and help with self-confidence.  

- Into fashion and style   

- Anything about Justin Bieber

- Loves ChapSticks and lip-gloss

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